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 Scottish Country Dance Club

Good News!

 Our monthly Saturday Open Nights got off to a good start on Saturday 11th June . It was lovely to

see so many people dancing with us again, especially friends from across the Pennines and

from further North whom we haven’t seen at Brighouse for over 2 years.

Our next Saturday dance now will be our August Charity Dance on Saturday 13th August. We will be dancing to recorded music and it wlll be a Faith Supper and cost £8. The crib is on the website and will be e-mailed to you if we have your e-mail address.

 Hoping to see you all at Brighouse in August..

Please see our Open Evening Section for dates of Future Saturday Dances.

As some of you already know, we reintroduced the After Supper Programmes written by

members. These will be e-mailed to you weekly if we have your e-mail address or you can find

them in our Club night Section. From now on we will dance from 7.30 to 8.45, have a slightly

longer break until 9 o’clock, then dance the After Supper programme till 9.30. As far as possible

we don’t want to have to walk through these second half dances so, if it is your turn, try to include

well known dances!!

 Please continue to bring your own hand sanitiser on Thursdays, plus drinks if required.

Scottish Dancing every Thursday night at Waring Green, Brighouse, West Yorkshire, handy for Calderdale, Kirklees and Bradford.

Open Evenings

Our Monthly dances are normally held on the second Saturday of the month, and include not only excellent dancing but also a full supper. We will let you know when these dances resume.

Three times a year we hold ‘walk through’ dances where every dance is walked through, and three times a year we have a top rank professional band to play. For more details click on ‘Open Evenings’.

Club Night

Our Weekly dances are held on Thursday evenings, and begin at 7.30pm.


If you are wanting to learn Scottish dancing, or want more practice during the week, click on ‘Classes’.

Why go Scottish Country Dancing

It keeps you physically fit

It keeps you mentally fit

Wonderfull music

Lots of fun and laughs

If you’re tempted, a warm welcome awaits you (benginners and improvers)

We offer weekly club nights, and Monthly Social dances.