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 Scottish Country Dance Club

Scottish Dancing every Thursday night at Waring Green, Brighouse, West Yorkshire, handy for Calderdale, Kirklees and Bradford.

Open Evenings

Open Evenings are held once a month, usually on the first or second Saturday. We dance from 7.30pm to 11.00pm to recorded music, and the £8.00 ticket includes supper.

Two or three times a year we have a band and the ticket may cost slightly more, but it is still amazing value!



July 13th

To the music of Marian Anderson


Recorded Music (Faith Supper)

Dance Programmes

If you would like crib sheets, E-mail Pat at  pat@travisworld.co.uk . Or alternately cribs  can be found on the page titled Cribs.


Waring Green Community Centre, Bonegate Road, Brighouse

Open Evening April 11th2020, 7.30 to 11.00pm

Tonight's Programme by David L.

1 Maxwell's Rant R

2 Inchmickery J

3 James Senior of St Andrew's S

4 Crossing the Line R

5 Farewell to Balfour Road J

6 Culla Bay S

7 The Countess of Dunmore's Reel R

8 The Cooper's Wife R

9 Road to Mallaig S

10 MacDonald of Keppoch M


21 St Margaret's Inch S

22 A Trip to Bavaria R

11 Orpington Caledonians R

12 It's Just for Fun J

13 Far North Queensland S

14 Broadford Bay R

15 Monica's Way J

16 Barbara's Strathspey S

17 The Piper & the Penguin R

18 The Luckenbooth Brooch J

19 Belle of Bon Accord S

20 Mairi's Wedding R


23 The Aviator J


Haste Ye Back

Next Open Evening May 9th

Brighouse S.C.D.C.

Waring Green Community Centre, Bonegate Road, Brighouse

Open Evening May 9th  2020, 7.30 to 11.00pm

Tonight's Programme by Jim

1 The First Rain of Spring J

2 Brtatach Bana R

3 Red KItes over the Black Isle S

4 Midnight Oil J

5 Mrs Stuart Linnell R

6 Elegant Cranes Strathspey S

7 Fugal Fergus J

8 Polharrow Burn R

9 A Summer Meeting S

10 Ramadan-ce R


21 Angus MacLeod R

22 The White Heather Jig J

11 MacDonald of Keppoch M

12 The Flitting of Lorn R

13 The Elephant's Stampede J

14 Far North Queensland S

15 The Recumbent Stone R

16 Father Connelly's Jig J

17 Glengarry Homestead S

18 Nottingham Lace R

19 The Flying Spur J

20 Duke of Perth R


23 Scott Meikle R

24 MIss Eleanor S

Haste Ye Back

Next Open Evening June 13th